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Pet Surgery

At Fletcher Animal Hospital, we believe in comprehensive surgical care and post op pain control.

Comprehensive Veterinary Surgical Options

Dental Surgery

Sometimes your pet doesn't just need their teeth cleaned!

  • Extractions

  • Gingival Flaps

  • Oral Mass Removals

Mass Removal

We want to know what it is!

Our veterinary surgeons are trained to remove masses from large to small.  We recommend to all our clients that they have the mass submitted for histopathology so we can determine what it is and provide the appropriate care post-op.

Specialty Surgeon Services

Way Easier Than A Referral!

Our veterinary specialty surgeon comes to us for advanced procedures like TPLO (Torn ACL), Lateral Suture Extracapsular Repair, and Luxating Patellar surgeries, as well as some advanced soft tissue repair and fracture repair.

Spay & Neuter

Spaying or neutering your pet is an important decision for pet owners. Removal of the male or female reproductive organs prevents unwanted pregnancies and reproductive cancers from threatening your pet's life.


We offer spay and neuter surgery as part of your pet's preventative wellness care.



We take anesthesia cases very seriously and utilize a safe, multi-modal approach for each animal we treat. We use a combination of pre-op assessments, modern, brand-name anesthetic agents, and the latest anesthetic monitoring equipment to keep your pet safe and the risks of surgery low.


Our recovering pet patients have fewer side effects, complete pain relief, and faster postoperative recovery.


Dental Surgery

Family pets need regular dental checkups to ensure good oral health. But even with good oral hygiene and regular cleanings, your pet may require a dental extraction as they age. If your pet needs dental surgery or dental cleaning, we administer anesthesia to allow for comprehensive access to the teeth, gums, and oral tissues. Anesthesia makes it possible to perform dental procedures with less stress and pain for your pet.


Mass Removal

Although masses are most common in older pets, all tumorous growths should be evaluated by one of our skilled professionals. Our veterinarians will utilize key diagnostic processes to identify the cause of the mass and explain the possible treatment options with you.


Pet mass removals are usually performed under general anesthesia, allowing us to remove the entire area in question effectively and painlessly.  We strive to get wide margins and submit our mass removals to a histopathology lab for analysis.  


Laceration Repair

Although lacerations can happen for many reasons, we commonly see them due to cars, barbed wire, sharp objects around the yard and in the garage, as well as dog fights.  Our surgeons are trained to repair most lacerations and to provide the best pain control possible for your pet prior to, during, and after surgery.  


Gastrointestinal & Abdominal Surgery

Veterinarians at Fletcher Animal Hospital are trained in GI surgery for removal of the spleen, foreign bodies (toys, socks, rocks, etc), bladder stone removal, and biopsy of intestines or lymph nodes in the abdomen. 


These can be life saving surgeries that can help us removal gastrointestinal obstructions that are typically diagnosed with ultrasound and/or radiographs (x-rays).  Common signs of a GI obstruction are vomiting, inappetence, abdominal pain, and a history of eating objects.


Not A Client Of Twin Oaks Veterinary Clinic?  No Big Deal!  We still want to provide the best dental health to your pet!

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