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Puppy on the Beach

Puppy Wellness Pricing

We want your pet to have the best care, and for you to be prepared for their visit financially.

Puppy Wellness Physical Exam

$ 50.00

Our puppy wellness physical exam includes our doctor consultation with you, a nurse discussing our wellness services, and a full physical examination of your pet.

Core Vaccinations

Rabies:  $35

Distemper-Parvo Booster: $40

Bordetella/Kennel Cough:  $45

Canine Flu (Bivalent):  $50

Fecal Testing


We recommend a fecal test at each initial puppy visit, regardless of their deworming history with a breeder.  Many dewormers that are over the counter are not only ineffective, but they are commonly dosed incorrectly.  Parasites in the GI tract can cause serious disease to a growing puppy and early detection is key to prevention.

Puppy Wellness Visits

Most puppies require four visits over the period from 6 weeks of age, to 16 weeks of age.  This is to help the immune system with core vaccines like distemper and parvo and to also allow our doctors to monitor your pets growth and wellness.  

Oral Prevention

The First Doses Of Oral Prevention Are Free On The First Puppy Visit!

Bravecto Flea/Tick 3 Month Chew:   Starting at $78

Sentinel Spectrum Heartworm/Intestinal Parasite Prevention 6 Months:  Starting at $60


$45 - $90

Our broad spectrum puppy dewormer is prescription strength and provides coverage for whipworms, hookworms, and roundworms.  The price is based on weight so it can vary.  

Wellness Visit Pricing

Happy puppy, dog

**Prevention Pricing Is Additional & Can Be Purchased At Your Visit Or Through Our Online Store.  

*Visit price may vary based on the health of your puppy.  We are very transparent about our visit costs and will always provide you with an estimate based on our doctors physical examination and your pets individual requirements.

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